BLOEG dag 11 – BLUG day 11

Sarah and Justin are reporter for the day

Monday 17th October 2016

In the morning we had breakfast. After breakfast we went with the whole group to Hoys College to work on the preperations for Deventer Wereldstad. Our first excercise was to make a wordweb about what were your expectations about Uganda ans about your experiences in Uganda and about the work you did with your own group. After that we must present it to the whole group and than we accept some reactions we can work on. Then we had lunch and we eat wraps. After lunch a couple of children went back tot the classroom and they had fiven a workshop about entrepreneurship. At the workshop the Ugandese pupils must fill in a small workbook about entrepreneurship. Some pupils had their own business selling chickens or chapattis . After the workshop we made a group picture and than we had dinner. In the evening till the campfire we talked about the program of the next day. Because we were very tired the whole group sleeps at 9:30 p.m.

Our experiences so far

I like it here very much and I like the program also. We have met our buddies and that was very nice. I had a really nice weekend in Masaka. In the evening it is very nice at the campfire and I hope the rest of the ‘camp’ will be nice and I think the safari will be cool.

I really like the trip so far. Uganda is very beautiful and the people are very kind. We’ve got a very tight schedule so your are never bored. The things here are very different than when they are in The Netherlands. That can be very beautiful but also very disturbing. I didn’t want to miss this trip. Also I look forward to Queen Elisabeth National Park.